2000 hours (2 courses)




Technician in Administrative Management

Admission Requirements

Information from the Department of Education at: TRIAEDUCATIVA.GENCAT.CAT

Individuals who meet any of the following requirements have direct access to the program:

  • Holding the certificate of compulsory secondary education graduation
  • Holding the certificate of technician or assistant technician
  • Holding a certificate to access a higher level vocational training program
  • Holding other studies equivalent for academic purposes
  • Having successfully completed the specific course for access to intermediate level studies
  • Having passed the second year of the Unified and Polyvalent Baccalaureate (BUP)
  • Having passed the university entrance examination for individuals over 25 years old
  • Having passed the mandatory modules of an Initial Vocational Qualification Program (PQPI)

Individuals who do not meet any of the mentioned requirements must pass an entrance exam.

To take the test, you must be at least 17 years old in the year the exam is taken

Why INS Jaume Mimó

Knowledge of the business environment

  • The Institute will seek companies for the internships and will accompany the student during their completion
  • Visits to local, national, or international companies, or other academic outings to apply the knowledge acquired in the different modules.
  • The student will use digital tools throughout the learning process.
  • Application of continuous assessment.
  • Individualized tutoring.


The EFQ4 studies in Administrative Management are a qualification authorized by the Department of Education of the “Generalitat de Catalunya”, as well as by “Ministerio de Educación y Formación Profesional”, valid throughout the national territory.

These studies qualify individuals to perform administrative support tasks in the labor, accounting, commercial, financial, and fiscal fields, as well as support tasks for individuals, in public or private companies.

  • Business communication and customer service (165 hours)
  • Purchasing administrative operations (165 hours)
  • Human resources administrative operations (99 hours)
  • Auxiliary operations of treasury management (132 hours)
  • Accounting techniques (165 hours)
  • Processing of accounting documentation (132 hours)
  • Computer processing of information (231 hours)
  • Administrative support operations (66 hours)
  • English (99 hours)
  • Business and Administration (165 hours)
  • Business simulation (132 hours)
  • Job training & Career guidance (99 hours)
  • Training in work centres (350 hours)

During the second year, there will also be hours of free disposition dedicated to working on concepts from the modules in the application of the International Trade Project.

For more information on the contents of the different modules, you can consult the official curriculum on the website of the “Departament d’Educació de la Generalitat de Catalunya”.


The studies in Administrative Management are from Monday to Friday in the afternoon, from 15:00 to 21:00.

The course schedule will be provided by the tutor on the first day of classes.



We advocate for active and participatory methodologies where the student is at the center of learning.

Additionally, we employ digital tools that bring students closer to the current reality of the job market, enabling immediate and multi-platform access to the necessary documentation throughout the course.

Therefore, all students who have successfully completed the enrollment process will be granted access to the Clickedu platform during the first days of classes. Here, you will find different sections where you can access classroom documents, calendars, submit assignments, among other resources.

In those modules where the use of a textbook is necessary, the teacher will communicate the reference book at the beginning of the course so that the student can acquire it as soon as possible.


The assessment of Vocational Training programs is continuous You can find more information here.

Career Pospects

Information from the Department of Education at: TRIAEDUCATIVA.GENCAT.CAT

In the EFQ4 studies in Administrative Management at Jaume Mimó Institute, professionals are trained to work in different sectors and can enter the job market as:

Additionally, with this qualification, you’ll be able to access:

  • To the Baccalaureate
  • To a higher level vocational training program.


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